One time Account Set up

We create and share an online document storage folder. This can be done with Google Docs, Dropbox or another service.


This lets you have access to all your records and documents whenever you need.


It also creates a digital copy of all your receipts, statements and records so you don’t have to worry about filing and storing paper copies.


You upload files to the main folder as they come in, once a week or once a month. Whenever you like. Your files are receipts, bills, invoices, bank and credit card statements.


Just toss the file into the main storage folder by the 25th of each month and we’ll do the rest. The only exception is bank statements.


Every month, we’ll sort each document into a digital file.


We’ll rename each document so it can be easily found.


We’ll put each document into the correct file by Customer/Income & Vendor/Expense


We’ll enter all the information & do all the data entry. Then we give you all the reports by the 15th of the month.

A quick example

January 8th: You go to the store to buy office supplies. - You take a picture of the receipt with your phone & share the picture to your BAT Books Online folder.


January 15th: You open your mail and have a business credit card bill. - You take a picture of the bill with your phone & share the picture to your BAT Books Online folder.


February 3rd: You get your bank statement - You download a PDF version and save it in your BAT Books Online folder.


OR you toss all of these in a pile and upload them at the same time by January 25th


By February 15th, you’ll get an organized online file and all the financial reports.


We do all the boring & tedious work and present you with easy to read reports.


That’s it, you’re done with your business books for the month. Easy Right!

How can I cancel?

While we’d hate to see you go, we understand your business needs may change. Send an email to [email protected]


We must receive written notice to cancel 30 days before your next payment.



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